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Solid Waste/Recycling

Recycling saves county tax dollars, landfill space, natural resources and energy.

Please do your part to help protect the environment.

The Pasquotank County Recycling program is pleased to announce that CARTONS are now being accepted in the residential and municipal recycling programs!  Examples of cartons that are now recyclable include milk, juice, broth, soup, wine, etc.  When recycling cartons, please empty, rinse and recap without flattening the carton.  Cartons need to be in its three dimensional shape to be sorted at the plant.   

Our recycling contractor, Bay Disposal and Recycling has been working with the Carton Council since January 2017 to add carton sorting capability at their recyclables processing facility.  Bay has invested over $500,000 in equipment upgrades and has added a new positon for this purpose.   
For more information on the The Pasquotank County Recycling program, please visit


Aluminium, Steel and Plastic Containers
Accepted at all sites and commingled in same container. No foil paper or food contaminated containers. No grocery bags, toys, lawn furniture or large bulky items.

Mixed Glass
All colors of glass accepted. No light bulbs.

Mixed Paper Products
Cardboard boxes, magazines, telephone books, soft and hard cover books, newspaper, junk mail, greeting and post cards, shredded paper and paperboard. NO PIZZA BOXES please. Remove all Styrofoam and packing materials before recycling boxes.

Wooden Pallets
All sites accept wooden pallets for recycling. Large loads of pallets should be taken to the landfill site.

Lawn Clippings and Debris
All yard clippings, tree limbs less than 8 feet and 4 inches in diameter are accepted.

White Goods/Mixed Metal
Accepted at all sites. Old appliances like washing machines, stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, metal bed frames, bicycles, metal objects. Remove all food from refrigerators and freezers before recycling.

Electronic Waste
Electronic waster is banned from NC Landfills. Electronic waste can be recycled at the Newland and landfill sites or at the Electronic Recycling Building, 317 Pritchard St. Open Mon-Fri from 9am to 4pm. Items accepted are computers, televisions, stereo sets, cell phones, keyboards, radios, telephone systems, LCD monitors, CRT monitors, fax machines, projectors, peripherals, speakers, exercise equipment, etc.

Cooking Oil
Cooking oil is now accepted at all sites in the tan colored cooking oil recycling container.

Automotive Products
Antifreeze, used motor oil, oil filters and lead acid batteries are accepted at all sites. No cooking oil in the used motor oil container, please.

Newland and Landfill sites only. Accepted are truck and care tires from personal vehicles. Remove tires from rims before recycling. All large tractor tires must be taken to the landfill.


Household Garbage
All bagged garbage should be place in the compactor. No dead animals or animal waste should be placed in these containers. No medical or hazardous waste accepted in any container.

Bulky Waste
Large household items, carpet, foam backing, large plastic toys, mattresses and box springs.

Construction and Debris
All household wood construction and remodeling debris, bricks and blocks. All waste and debris from contractors and commercial establishments is prohibited. Take material to landfill.


Propane Gas Tanks of any size
Oil barrels
Medical Waste
Industrial Waste
Commercial Waste
Liquid & Hazardous Waste
Hot or Smoldering coals
Dead Animals


Paint and Swap Shop
The Pasquotank Solid Waste Department has a Paint Shop at the landfill that allows residents to place slightly used household items, dishes and books for reuse.

Salvaging Building Material
Residents are allowed to salvage reusable construction and demolition material from the landfill. To obtain a permit, contac the Solid Waste Dept at 335-4105.

Printer and Toner Cartridges
Used parint and toner cartridges can be recycled. Some compaines enclose a return label in the boxes sot hat the used cartridge can be returned to them postage paid.

Eye Glasses
The Lions Club offers many drop off points for clean, unbroken eyeglasses to be reused by others.

Crutches, wheel chairs, canes, shower chairs, etc.
The Cosmopolitan Club of Elizabeth City loans items to reidents to assist them during their recovery. To donate items, call the club at 331-1700.

Used Cars
Used or hard to sell vehicles may be donated to the National Kidney Foundation. They will tow your car away and provide you with a tax deduction letter for the donation. Call 888-288-CARS for more information.

For information related to composting and constructing composting cages, call the NC Cooperative Extension Service at 338-3954.



Brad Gardner, Director
email: gardnerb@co.pasquotank.nc.us


Map of Convenience Sites

Keep it in your Bed (flyer from NC DOT)

Agricultural Recycling

Commercial Recycling

Glass and Container Recycling

Gently used items may be donated to Elizabeth City Habitat for Humanity

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