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Advanced Core Land Use Plan

Pasquotank County and the City of Elizabeth City has prepared an Advanced Core Land Use Plan as required by the North Carolina Coastal Area Management Act (CAMA).  The intent of this plan is to provide a framework that will guide local government officials as they make both day-to-day and long-range decisions that affect land development within our community.  This plan will also be utilized by state and federal agencies in determining project consistency, project funding, and CAMA permit decisions.  Click here to view the document (Approved Feb 9, 2012) .

The Adopted plan is was approved by the NC Division of Coastal Management on February 9th, 2012.

Please contact Shelley Cox, Pasquotank County Planning Director at (252) 335-1891 if you have any questions regarding the CAMA Land Use Plan.

Click on the thumbnails below to see maps identifying different parts of the Land Use Plan.

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Figure 1 -General Location

Figure 2 -Natural Features

Figure 3- Enviromental Composite

Figure 4A - Pasquotank County Existing Land Use

Figure 4B- Elizabeth City Existing Land Use

Figure 4C - Existing Historic Districts

Figure 5A - Pasquotank County Water System Infrastructure

Figure 5B -Elizabeth City Existing Water System Infrastructure

Figure 6 - Transportation System

Figure 7A - Pasquotank County Storm Water Management

Figure 7B - Elizabeth City Storm Water Management

Figure 8 - Land Suitability

Figure 9A -Pasquotank County Future Land Use

Figure 9B - Elizabeth City Future Land Use


These maps require Adobe Acrobat.