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Layer Name Description Updated More information
Owners Owner information Annually on Jan 1 Tax Department
Parcel Dimension Current property lines 3/5/04 Tax Department
Addresses Address of property Periodically GIS Department
Centerlines Street/Road Centerlines Periodically GIS Department
Subdivisions Subdivisions Periodically GIS Department
Voting Places Location of polls As needed Board of Elections
Voting Districts Voting Districts Infrequently Board of Elections
EC Hydrants Location of city maintained hydrants   Elizabeth City Public Works
County Hydrants Location of county maintained hydrants As needed Pasquotank County Water Department
EC Loop ICPTA Bus Route   ICPTA
Public Buildings Locations of schools, fire departments, etc.   GIS Department
Cell Towers Location of known towers   Tax Department
Convenience Site Recycling centers   Solid Waste/Recycling
County Zoning County Zoning As needed Pasq. Planning Department
Air Zone Area with height restrictions   City of EC Planning
Overlay Districts Areas with additional zoning   City of EC Planning
EC Zoning Elizabeth City Zoning 3/5/2004 City of EC Planning
Development Zones Areas with special tax incentives for businesses   City of EC, Pasq. Planning
Topography Elevations 12/2002
Preliminary FIRM Updated FIRM maps PRELIMINARY    Pasq. County Planning    City of EC Planning
FIRM Flooding Current flood maps   Pasq. County Planning     City of EC Planning
Hydrology Streams, rivers, ditches   GIS Department
Elizabeth City City limits   City of EC Planning
ETJ Extra-Territorial Jurisdication   City of EC Planning
Color Aerials   Flown March 2003 GIS Department
BW Aerials   Flown March 1996 GIS Department



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