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Watershed Drainage Basin Districts
Countywide Drainage Study

Pasquotank County Board of Commissioners contracted with Hobbs, Upchurch & Associates P.A. to prepare a Countywide Drainage Study to identify drainage basin districts throughout the county. Nine drainage basin districts have been identified. The study also identifies specific problems areas within each district for future projects. The Countywide Drainage Study may be reviewed by clicking here.

Click <here> for a PowerPoint presentation on the drainage study.

Future drainage improvements or maintenance projects may be identified within specific drainage basins. Funding for projects may be obtained from grant funds that are supplemented by local dollars. The Board of Commissioners has not determined the method that will be implemented to raise local dollars for matching grant funds.

Contact Shelley Cox, Planning Manager at (252) 335-5177 if you have questions regarding the Countywide Drainage Study.

Click on the thumbnails below to see maps identifying the individual drainage basin districts.

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Perquimans River Upper Pasquotank River Upper Little River
Knobbs Creek Lower Little River Big Flatty Newbegun Creek
Charles Creek These maps require Adobe Acrobat.