Letter and Package Bomb Indicators


Treat it as Suspect! Isolate It


  1. Never accept mail, especially packages, at your home in a foreign area
  2. Make sure family members and clerical staff know to refuse all unexpected mail at home or office
  3. Remember - It May Be A Bomb - Treat It as Suspect


  • Excessive Postage
  • Incorrect Titles
  • Titles but No Names
  • Misspellings of Common Words
  • Oily Stains or Discolorations
  • No Return Address
  • Excessive Weight
  • Ridid Envelope
  • Lopsided or Uneven Envelope
  • Protruding Wires or Tinfoil
  • Visual Distractions
  • Foreign Mail, Air Mail and Special Delivery
  • Restrictive Markings such as Confidential, Personal, etc.
  • Hand Written or Poorly Typed Addresses
  • Excessive Securing Material such as Masking Tape, String, etc.
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Designed by Jerren Saunders
Last Updated: June 12, 2002