BLIZZARD - Violent wind and snow storm.
CLIMATE - Normal weather conditions of an area.
EARTHQUAKE - Shaking of the earth’s crust.
EROSION - A wearing or washing away of soil.
FLOOD - An overflow of water on dry land.
FROST - Frozen dew or vapor.
HAIL - Frozen rain that usually falls during thunderstorms.
HUMIDITY - The degree of dampness or moisture in the air.
HURRICANE - Violent tropical storm with winds over 73 miles per hour.
LIGHTNING - A flash of light in the sky caused by electrical disturbances in the air.
RAIN - Water condensed from vapor, falling to the earth in drops.
SLEET - Partially frozen rain.
SNOW - Solid precipitation in the form of ice crystals formed from water vapor.
SQUALL - Sudden violent wind storm accompanied by rain or snow.
THUNDERSTORM - A rain storm with thunder and lightning.
TORNADO - A violent rotating column of air.