Draw a line from the word to its definition.

BLIZZARD The degree of dampness or moisture in the air.
CLIMATE A violent rotating column of air.
EARTHQUAKE Violent tropical storm with winds over 73 miles per hour.
EROSION A wearing or washing away of soil.
FLOOD Shaking of the earth’s crust.
FROST Solid precipitation in the form of ice crystals formed from water vapor.
HAIL An overflow of water on dry land.
HUMIDITY Sudden violent wind storm accompanied by rain or snow.
HURRICANE A rain storm with thunder and lightning.
LIGHTNING Frozen rain that usually falls during thunderstorms.
RAIN Violent wind and snow storm.
SLEET Partially frozen rain.
SNOW Water condensed from vapor, falling to the earth in drops.
SQUALL A flash of light in the sky caused by electrical disturbances in the air.
THUNDERSTORM Frozen dew or vapor.
TORNADO Normal weather conditions of an area.
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