Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Pasquotank County is participating in a pilot project to standardize maps on the US National Grid. Similar to longitude and latitude, but relying on "flat" geometry. Indexed squares are 1000 meters by 1000 meters. A six digit number will locate a location to within about the size of a football field. A eight digit number will be within a few feet.

In the example below, Albemarle Hospital is located at 905 205. To locate this on the map, read across the bottom to 90, subdivide that block in 10 and go over 5, or half. Then read up to the 20 and go another 5 minor divisions.

Examples of How Pasquotank County is using the National Grid
National Grid Coordinate used in tax parcel location. See an example
US National Grid map for Pasquotank County
Street Atlas with US National Grid
USNG as a layer in the Interactive Map

Listen to a story on NPR about why USNG is important
See our link on the Federal Geographic Data Council National Grid website




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