FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS)

Following Hurricane Floyd, North Carolina determined that the existing flood maps were out of date and inaccurate. The State of North Carolina and FEMA worked together to create the new flood maps which will be effective in Pasquotank County on October 1, 2004. Complete information on how and why the flood maps were developed, an interactive map, and pdfs of individual mapsheets can be found at www.ncfloodmaps.com.

For the complete Flood Insurance Study for Pasquotank County which explains the different categories CLICK HERE.

You can now link to the actual flood maps. To determine the map you need look at the first 4 digits of the PIN. It should match one of the following map numbers. These are the actual flood maps from FEMA and do not include the non-encroachment zones.

Official FEMA

FIRM maps


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The following are maps with parcel lines drawn in. For specific information on how these affect your property please contact the Pasquotank County or Elizabeth City Planning Departments.

Maps have been updated to include non-encroachment zones.

Click on thumbnail for full size map.

Newland                         Providence                      Mt. Hermon

Nixonton                              Salem                              Elizabeth City




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