Neighborhood Walking Mileage

Thirty minutes of walking a day is encouraged to stay healthy. Click on the links below to see the mileage in your neighborhood.

Adams Landing Adams Landing
Air View Circle Air View Circle
Azalea Acres Azalea Acres
Bateman Estates Bateman Estates
Bill Harris Acres Bill Harris Acres
Brantwood Brantwood
Brays Estates Brays Estates
Breezewood Breezewood
Briarwood Briarwood
Brickhouse Point Brickhouse Point
Brite Meadows Brite Meadows
Brookridge Terrace Brookridge Terrace
Camelot Camelot
Carolina Dunes Carolina Dunes
Carolina Village Carolina Village
Carters Glen Carters Glen
CE Harris CE Harris
Cherokee Park Cherokee Park
Chesterfield Heights Chesterfield Heights
CJ White Landing CJ White Landing
Commissary Park Commissary Park
Cooperfield Cooperfield
Country Club Forest Country Club Forest
Country Estate Country Estate
Country Village Country Village
Countryside Estates Countryside Estates
Creekside Farms Creekside Farms
Crosswinds Crosswinds
Crystal Lakes Crystal Lakes
Dances Bay Colony Dances Bay Colony
Desert View Estates Desert View Estates
Edgewood Edgewood
Elizabeth City Gardens Elizabeth City Gardens
Equestrian Estates Equestrian Estates
Etheridge Acres Etheridge Acres
Fairway Estates Fairway Estates
Fairway Villas Fairway Villas
Ferry Pointe Ferry Pointe
Forest Park Forest Park
Glen Cove Glen Cove
Gospel Ridge Gospel Ridge
Grand View Grand View
Green Acres Green Acres
Greenwood Greenwood
Halls Creek Square Halls Creek Square
Halls Creek Village Halls Creek Village
Halstead Commercial Park Halstead Commercial Park
Hariot Heights Hariot Heights
Harney Park Harney Park
Harris Acres Harris Acres
Harvest Pointe Harvest Pointe
Herons Ridge Herons Ridge
Hickory Acres Hickory Acres
Hobbs Landing Hobbs Landing
Holly Inlet Holly Inlet
Horseshoe Acres Horseshoe Acres
Ida Acres Ida Acres
Ivy Trace Ivy Trace
J Belle Acres J Belle Acres
Juniper Estates Juniper Estates
Kelly Acres Kelly Acres
Little River Retreat Little River Retreat
Magnolia Woods Magnolia Woods
Matthews Acres Matthews Acres
Morgan View Morgan View
Morrington Morrington
Mt Hermon Village Mt Hermon Village
New Oak Grove New Oak Grove
Newbegun Land Newbegun Land
Newland Terrace Newland Terrace
Nixonton Terrace Nixonton Terrace
Nixonton Village Nixonton Village
North Banks North Banks
North Meadows North Meadows
Northeast Landing Northeast Landing
Northeastern Terrace Northeastern Terrace
Northside Acres Northside Acres
Oak Grove Oak Grove
Oak Stump Oak Stump
Oak Stump Acres Oak Stump Acres
Oakridge Oakridge
Old Desert Road Old Desert Road
Old Oak Old Oak
Orchard Cove Orchard Cove
Oxford Heights Oxford Heights
Pailin Creek Pailin Creek
Pasquotank County Commerce Park Pasquotank County Commerce Park
Peartree East Peartree East
Peartree North Estates Peartree North Estates
Peartree Place Peartree Place
Pelican Pointe Pelican Pointe
Pelican Pointe Senior Village Pelican Pointe Senior Village
Pine Grove Pine Grove
Pine Lake Acres Pine Lake Acres
Pine Lake Forest Pine Lake Forest
Pine Meadows Pine Meadows
Pine Shores/Frog Island Pine Shores/Frog Island
Planters Run Planters Run
Providence Acres Providence Acres
Queenswood Queenswood
Raleigh Park Raleigh Park
Rebellion Point Rebellion Point
Red Lark Acres Red Lark Acres
Red Oak Red Oak
River Glen River Glen
River View Acres River View Acres
Riverview Estates Riverview Estates
Rosewood Rosewood
Sandbridge Sandbridge
Shady Grove Shady Grove
Shillingtown Shillingtown
Small Acres Small Acres
Smith Farm Acres Smith Farm Acres
South Park South Park
Spaulding Park Spaulding Park
Summerfield Summerfield
Sunny Acres Sunny Acres
Sunset Park Sunset Park
Tanglewood Industrial Park Tanglewood Industrial Park
The Rennaissance The Rennaissance
The Waters At Sunset Pointe The Waters At Sunset Pointe
Timothy Acres Timothy Acres
Tuckers Ridge Tuckers Ridge
Ulster Gardens Ulster Gardens
University Plaza University Plaza
Vickies Ridge Vickies Ridge
Villa Acres Villa Acres
Walnut Street Walnut Street
Waters At Sunset Pointe Waters At Sunset Pointe
Weeksville Terrace Weeksville Terrace
Westwood Westwood
Windfield Windfield
Winslow Acres Winslow Acres
Woodside Woodside
Fork Forks Park Fork Forks Park