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 The Emergency Communications Department provides a central location for the public and all emergency services to report and receive emergency assistance.  This is achieved primarily through the use of the national emergency phone number 9-1-1.  The average call volume for the Pasquotank-Camden Central Communications Center is over 250 calls per service per day averaging 7,500 calls for service per month.  This call volume includes 68% 9-1-1 cellular phone calls.  From the Central Communications Center, we dispatch the appropriate assistance to the public from the following agencies: 

        Pasquotank County Sheriff’s Office

       Camden County Sheriff’s Office

    Elizabeth City Police Department

♦    Elizabeth City Fire Department

      Emergency Medical Services

      8 Volunteer Fire Departments

 In addition, Central Communications handles requests for the Pasquotank-Camden Emergency Management Coordinator, Elizabeth City and Pasquotank County Utilities Department and is in constant communication with the North Carolina Highway Patrol and  Elizabeth City State University Campus Police.    The Pasquotank-Camden Central Communications Center is an Enhanced 9-1-1 Center with five fully operational sit-to-stand consoles 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  The Pasquotank-Camden 9-1-1 Center is a State certified Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) able to provide Emergency Medical Dispatch.   The Telecommunication Staff are certified through the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch and the North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services to provide Emergency Medical Dispatch when needed.   

The Telecommunication Staff are also certified through the North Carolina Sheriff’s Training and Standards Commission for Telecommunicators.  Staff are required to be trained and certified through the Division of Criminal Information, State Bureau of Investigation.  This certification allows access to the National Crime Information Center for information on wanted or missing persons and the DCI files allows access to information regarding history of stolen articles, guns, boats and motor vehicles.   

Being an Enhanced 9-1-1 Center means the backbone of our emergency system is the 9-1-1 phone system and associated equipment.  This system provides the Telecommunicator with a visual Automatic Number Identifier and Automatic Location Identifiers (ANI/ALI) information regarding the call immediately upon answering the call.  This information tells the Telecommunicator who you are and where you are when the call is answered.  ANI/ALI information is immensely helpful in today’s environment.  With the expansion that has taken place in Pasquotank and Camden Counties, there is no way one could quickly obtain the necessary driving directions needed to dispatch the appropriate emergency personnel to a given area.  The ANI/ALI information displayed for the Telecommunicator provides a location to immediately send emergency resources to a specific location once confirmed.  This Enhanced 9-1-1 system is financially supported with a 60 cents per month surcharge assessed on all telephone lines within Pasquotank and Camden Counties.

Jerry Newell, Director

Pasquotank-Camden E9-1-1

Central Communications Center

200 E Colonial Ave

Elizabeth City, NC  27907

Direct: (252) 338-7787

Fax: (252) 331-7444

Email:  newellj@co.pasquotank.nc.us